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Mecánica pendular:

La sustancia de la que estoy hecho

(Pendular mechanics:

The substance I'm made of)

(Mexico, 2017)

10:29 minutes

«Time is the substance I'm made of. Time is a river that washes me away, but I am the river; it's a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it's the fire that consumes me, but I am the fire».

Jorge Luis Borges

Coming from a lineage of watchmakers, Luis Hernández Estrada has kept his workshop, Silver Relojes, open for over half a century. Based in Mexico City's historical center, Hernández has gone on to expertly conserve many different clocks, including one once located inside the infamous old mental hospital  «La Castañeda», and has spent decades listening to the passage of time itself.

Concept, photography and blocking: Idaid Rodríguez.

Sound design: Emilio Hinojosa Carrión and Jorge Solís Arenazas.

Script: Jorge Solís Arenazas.

DirectSound (Tascam DR 40): Emilio Hinojosa Carrión.

Mastering: Alonso Magaña and Jorge Solís Arenazas.

Post-production: Idaid Rodríguez and Svilova Documental.

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